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Monarch Butterfly Ecology-Inspired Crochet Bandana

Monarch Butterfly Ecology-Inspired Crochet Bandana

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Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) Fun Fact
Monarch butterflies can taste with their feet! These dudes "taste" the plants they land on by standing on them and using sensors in their feet to detect chemical cues~ 🦋✨

Ecology-Inspired Crochet Bandana
Elevate your hiking, gardening, or any outdoorsy activity outfit with this handmade crochet bandana, inspired by the wonders of nature and the vibrant beauty of monarch butterflies. 𓂃 ࣪˖ ཐིཋྀ
Each piece is a unique celebration of the earth's rich tones and delicate details, bringing a touch of Mother Nature to your wardrobe.
Crochet pattern by Ellej.

Content + Care
★ Made to order (allow 3-5 days processing time)
★ Vietnamese cotton + polyester yarn
★ One size fits most
★ Handwash with mild soap and dry flat

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